Electrical faults can happen at any moment and more often than not can jeopardise your safety. If this occurs call an emergency electrical firm, one that can be trusted and does the job well. Haarlem Electricians are just what you are looking for; a qualified, reliable and trustworthy team of electricians that will have you up and running in no time.




We pride ourselves on providing a high quality work and good value for your money


What do we charge: 

During emergency callouts or objective is to get the property re-energised and then reschedule a visit during normal hours.

We charge an hourly rate of €150 first hour and then €25 for every 15 minutes thereafter (+ tax) for work classified as an emergency call-out, this is work that needed to be prioritised over other clients or is it outside our normal working hours which are 9AM to 6PM

bank holidays and weekends. Travel time from our office(2011 AC) will be chargeable only to the site.  The job finishes when the electrician is ready to leave the site.


We get up to 60% discount from our electrical wholesalers the largest in the Netherlands (Technische Unie) and we pass all of this discount on to you, our client (wholesalers invoice supplied at end of the day).

Van stock

screws, Snel gips, plaster, cable  that is not purchase just for a job, cable connectors etc...

Because we hold this stock for long periods of time and have to purchase in bulk this is charged at a higher rate. Please see link van stock price list



Where parking incurs fees, these will be added to the final invoice.(Where client has subsidised parking it is incumbent on them to let the electrician know upon arrival)


At Harlem electricians we always take the greatest care not to cause any damage, but it is up to client to have the work area clear and remove any items that might be damaged. We will take any precautions the client requests such as covering items with plastic sheets but this needs to be highlighted on the day by the client before the work starts so the appropriate protection can be purchase.

Specialist equipment:

All specialist equipment is hired from Boels with a 10% admin charge.


Once the electrician has given an estimated time of arrival cancellation will charged at a minimum one hour callout.


All jobs will be invoiced immediately after job is finished.

Jobs spanning multiple days the client will be billed for work completed that week.

Invoices need to be paid within seven days of invoice date.

Job warranty/guarantee:

All work carried out by Haarlem Electrician is covered by 12 months warranty.

In case of an issue arising from the works carried out, please contact us and we will make arrangements to rectify. If the issue is found not to be caused by our work, relevant charges will apply.

All products bought on behalf of the client will have the warranty and ownership transferred to the client, on completion of the works. Relevant product warranty applies.